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The Prolefeed Manifesto

Prolefeed Studios seeks to rescue the proud and rich tradition of independent documentary film from both the Scylla of Hollywood "reality programming" prostitution and the Charybdis of dusty academic odes to nostalgia.

We at Prolefeed Studios believe:

  • Truth is stranger, and more wonderful, than fiction. Real people and real events are inherently more interesting, complex and extraordinary than fictional characters or scripted plots could ever hope to be. Real people need no help from actors to tell their story and real events need no embellishment from dramatizations to move us.
  • When it comes to documentary film, the adjectives "intelligent," "entertaining," and "relevant" are not mutually exclusive.
  • Objectivity is a sham. A documentary should wear its heart on its sleeve, not hide behind a facade of neutrality. By failing to acknowledge our biases, we become (as TV news has done) not credible.
  • Introspection is over done. So is reverence. Documentary should seek broad themes and archetypes in the experience of common folk, not insular filmmaker self-reflection or celebrity homage.
  • Humor and satire are underappreciated, underrated and under-used.

Finally, we cannot wait for the pimps in Hollywood or the cultural gatekeepers at PBS to have an epiphany and dedicate time to our films. In the tradition of the punk rock movement, if we want our pieces seen, we shall have to do everything ourselves shooting, editing, screening and distribution. Better to charge $5.00 a head for an enthusiastic crowd of 50 at a coffee house than pin all our hopes on "getting noticed" by the jaded hordes at Sundance.

Prolefeed Studios is a cooperative venture, run by and for filmmakers. All profits from video tape sales and screening events are returned to the participating filmmakers.