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Shea Galen Nunez Standing

Shea was born in Madison, Wisconsin in 2000. insert alt text He had already established himself as a horror film director with his release of his second short subject, Inside A Car in 2009. He also wrote and directed 2004's Godzilla vs. Mecha-Godzilla vs. Megalo-Godzilla, seen on Wisconsin Public Television, and produced a radio documentary on wild turkeys that aired on WORT 89.9FM. His influences include classic horror films, Stanley Kubrick, Sam Raimi and R.L. Stine. His goal for 2009 is to complete three films this year, and is currently rewriting the screenplay for his next release, entitled Stella Rocks My World. Shea enjoys the music of the Offspring, the Cramps, the Ramones and Black Sabbath. A composer and keyboardist, Shea has produced one EP and is working on his second with his new band, The Explodies.