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The best in independent documentary.


Sixth Season: January through May, 2004

Electric Earth Cafe, 546 West Washington Avenue, Madison

Admission $5

Open Reel Hour at 7:00 p.m. 

Bring an original short of 10 minutes or less to show and get in free! 

(NTSC VHS, S-VHS or mini-DV formats, please)

Feature Presentations at 8:30 p.m.

January - May, 2004

Program schedule:

January 23: The Kids are All Right:

Three Tales of Youth & Self-Discovery

14 and Payrolled (Cameron Yates, 2002) 28 minutes

BrittanyEach year, 40 children are chosen to serve as pages for the Virginia House of Delegates, and then go to live on their own for two months in Richmond. This film is a study of the social relationships amongst kids who work, play, and gain independence at the age of 14.

The River of No Return (Brazen Video, 2003) 34 minutes

River of No ReturnIn July of 2002, a group of teens from The Boys & Girls Club of Dane County had the opportunity to explore The River of No Return Wilderness in Idaho, thanks to a generous contribution from the Quixote Foundation.  This video documents the excitement, the beauty, the joy and the self-discovery that a week on a wild river can bring.

Where Are You Going? (Noah Graff, 2002) 60 minutes

where are you goingIn 2001, young filmmaker Noah Graff  took a Greyhound bus from Chicago to San Franciso, and decided to take his video camera along.  With nothing but time on his hands, he starts interviewing his fellow passengers.  As the American countryside rolls past in the background,  we hear the frank and heartfelt musings of: a wealthy hermit, an ex-con heading home, a 36-year old grandfather, a chef from a nudist spa, a New York graffiti artist, a self-described "art chick" a U.S. Navy seaman, and other road-weary travelers.

February 27:  Notes from the Underground: 

Tales of  Music out of the Mainstream

Concerts from the Prolefeed Studios Vaults (Brian Standing, 2004) 20 min.

Prolefeed logoProlefeed Studios opens up its video vaults to present a smattering of the eclectic and vibrant Madison underground music scene.  Filmed exclusively in Madison between 1998 and 2003, the selection showcases musical performances ranging from Mexican Norteno, to satirical pop, to punk to Klezmer to post-bop jazz.  Featured artists include: Yid Vicious, Hannah John Taylor, Angela McJunkin, Las Pumas Del Norte. Dave Lippman, DisCider and Tom Neal. 

Underground Perspective presents A-G-2-A-KE (Jason Kwiatkowski, 2003)  40 min.

ag2ake A short documentary produced by WYOU's Hip-Hop television show "the Underground Perspective" features the trailblazing Milwaukee rap trio A-G-2-A-KE.  Preceeded only by Hip-Hoppers the Kali Tribe and Arrested Development, A-G-2-A-KE was the first street rap artists from Milwaukee to be singed to a major label and have an album with a national release. In 1998, Houston based label Rap-A-Lot Records(Home of such legends as the Geto Boys & Scarface) released their debut LP "Mil-Ticket" which reached peak positions of #37 and #18 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop albums
chart and the Heatseekers chart respectively on Billboard. This is an intimate look into the gangsta rap genre with a simple premise: a guy with a camera follows rap group through the same streets that raised them as they tell their story and share their art.

Between Resistance & Community (Joe Carroll & Ben Holtzman, 2001,       44 minutes)

Between Resistance & CommunityA A look at the Long Island Do-It-Yourself (DIY) punk scene -- a group of kids who have built a community around a love of music and a passion for creating an alternative to the dominant consumerist society.  Features live footage and interviews with the Insurgent Lettermen, On the Might of Princes, Porcelain Decay, Seven Days of Samsara , plus tons of show-havers, scenesters, zinesters and activists.

March 26: What's Mine is Yours 

Two Tales of Fights Against the Mining Industry

Razing Appalachia (Sasha Waters, 2002) 27 min.

draglineIn the misty folds of the Appalachian mountains lies Pigeonroost hollow, in Blair, West Virginia. With its narrow creek and crawdads, its wild ginseng and raccoons, Pigeonroost looks as it might have a century ago -- a woody haven tucked away from time and technology. But for how long? And at what price? In May 1998, Arch Coal, Inc. announced it would expand its Dal-Tex strip mine just above the small town of Blair. But lifetime residents said too many had already been bought out or chased away by the giant mine, and that Arch Coal's planned expansion was the final threat to their once-tranquil way of life. Forty families -- where there were once 300 -- stayed in Blair. Razing Appalachia is the story of their remarkable fight -- against the second-largest coal company in America, against the know-nothing state political leaders and, unhappily, against the 400 union miners whose jobs were on the line.

Fight for Counrty (Bill Runting & Pip Starr, 2002) 62 min.

fight for countryFight For Country took 4 years and 4 weeks to complete. It tells the story of one of Australia's largest ever land rights and environmental campaigns, the fight to stop the building of a second uranium mine within Kakadu National Park. Made with the cooperation of the Mirrar aboriginal clan, the owners of the land on which Jabiluka is proposed to be built.  Includes a 12 minute animation of the nuclear fuel cycle with archival footage from Chernobyl, Chelyabinsk, Sellafield and others. Features some very funky animations made by Fishfeet Designs.

April 23:  What's Up, Doc? 

Pushing the Envelope of Documentary

Ojos Que No Ven  (Allen D. Glass II, 2003, 14 minutes)

What the eyes do not see, the heart does not feel. A silent, 16mm portrait of life shot in Mexico City, along the U.S.-Mexico border, and in Los Angeles.


7 Friends, 4 Questions (Fred Hickler, 2001, 21 minutes) 

A short, experimental documentary video that both uses and breaks down the talking head video format. Using interview footage Hickler shot with seven of his friends, he fragments and reconstructs answers to unheard questions to create something that transcends the content of their answers. What emerges are strategies for dealing with the uncomfortable intimacy of the camera, and a juxtaposition of ordinary and alternate realities.

Noise in My Backyard (Geoff Adams, 2001, 22 minutes)

Noise In My Back Yard is a personal documentary charged with a dilemma: how can this video maker manage the ecology of his backyard? In a series of diverse video & sound vignettes, N.I.M.B.Y. confronts the history, philosophy, business and practice of personal land management.

The Beautiful & the Fine (Archipelago Media, 2003, 29 minutes)

Exploring the tension between humans’ awe of nature and our compulsion to manipulate it, this work documents three “bio-collectors”—a carnivorous plant fanatic, a couple that keeps hundreds of koi and goldfish, and a species tulip enthusiast. Fusing stunning photography of the collected beings (including time-lapse sequences and underwater video), thought-provoking commentary, and an atmospheric original score, THE BEAUTIFUL AND THE FINE invites the viewer to at once experience the incredible beauty of these creatures and contemplate the circumstances of their captivity.  From the makers of  A Thing of Wonder.

May 28: Access Heroes:

A WYOU Benefit

A WYOU Sampler  (Various producers, 2 hours)

WYOU Community Television Inc. has served the city of Madison and surrounding communities for the past twenty-five years.  Public access television is a service to the public that allows members of the viewing community to create programming and air it on cable television. Aside from our (minimal) membership dues, WYOU does not charge independent producers for the use of their resources. There is no other channel in the Madison area that provides this type of service.  For those of you who without cable, who have wondered what WYOU is about, or for those who want to savor old favorites in the midst of a live audience, we've compiled some of the best this eclectic, innovative station has to offer.  All proceeds from the show benefit WYOU.


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