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(2000,2005, Brian Standing)

Scoop Perlman's Guide to Art is an ongoing documentary series that explores the work of outsider and folk artists in Wisconsin and the Midwest. With a quirky interview style and offbeat sensibilities, Madison-area cartoonist, art critic and journalist Steve "Scoop" Perlman, converses with self-taught artists about their inspirations, fears, and passions. Scoop Perlman's Guide to Art is dedicated to art by, of and for the people. DVD edition includes slideshows of featured artists' work. Both DVD and VHS include four 20-minute episodes.:

  • Episode 1 features Baraboo's Dr. Evermore, who has transformed his industrial salvage yard into a dreamlike landscape populated by giant insects, highly evolved mechanical birds, and a mysterious machine called "The Forevertron," that just might be capable of space flight.
  • Episode 2 explores the strange and dark world of Nadine Mercil, a shy recluse who keeps her sexually-charged miniature dollhouses hidden away from public view, but still wants to be famous.
  • Episode 3 finds Scoop chatting wth Rob Em and Taggerboy, two graffiti artists trying hard to find a way to go legit.
  • In Episode 4 Scoop hangs out with painter Phil Porter, who doesn't mind which way you hang his fanciful landscapes of historic downtown Madison. Pepe LePew makes a cameo appearance.