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(2000,2005, Brian Standing, 38 minutes)

VHS or DVD $15

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This 38-minute documentary follows the adventures of S.C.A.B. (Skids Creating Apocalyptic Bicycles), a roving gang of bicyclist- artist- philosophers hell-bent on ridding the world of automobiles. Using trash nabbed from the Madison streets, S.C.A.B. recycles junked ten-speeds and kids' scooters into nightmarish vehicles of urban terrorism. Between infiltrating events sponsored by tamer bicycle enthusiasts and wedging ill-fitting Huffies together with hacksaws and butterknives, S.C.A.B. members find time to muse on anarchy, consumer culture, proper bunny-hopping technique, the failure of the media and the purpose of art. "It's an experiment in phenomenology," says S.C.A.B. co-founder Michael Spelman, "but it's also nice to piss off cars."

Official selection of the:

  • Chicago Underground Film Festival,
  • San Francisco Independent Film Festival,
  • Bike Films Berkeley,
  • 10,000 Leagues Under the Industry
  • St. Louis Bicycle Film Fest
  • Chicago Bike Winter 2003 Festival
  • Lost Film Festival
  • Detonate Micro Cinema, Miami, FL
  • Peoria National Bike Month Film Fest
  • BikeBoston Film Festival

Special DVD edition includes outtakes, "Where Are They Now?" 2005 interviews, and a photo catalog of S.C.A.B. bikes.