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(2007, Performance by Nicole Gruter, Videography by Brian Standing)

Nicole Gruter is a Madison-based performance artist, musician and bartender, and Master of Fine Arts candidate from the University of Wisconsin. Nicole and her alter-ego, Wilhelmina Baker, have graced the Madison area with challenging, entertaining, slightly off-kilter works. Nicole recently commissioned Prolefeed Studios to document some of her recent work, which we are pleased to share with you.

Nicole performed "Happy Taxday 2007" on April 17, 2007, the deadline for filing federal tax income returns. Watch as Nicole hands out receipts for the amount the average Madison taxpayer has paid for the Iraq War.

"Can I Get You Anything Else?" was Nicole's entry into the 2007 University of Wisconsin's First Year M.F.A. show. A woman tethered to a table cheerfully serves pies to puzzled art gallery patrons. Is there a deeper meaning here, or as Nicole, says is it just that, "some days it's really hard to serve pie."