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(2007, Andy Beversdorf, 63 minutes)

DVD $15

In 2005, the state of Wisconsin became the laughing stock of the nation as it debated a proposal to legalize the shooting of cats. Here, Kitty,Kitty scratches beneath the media blitz to reveal a surprisingly nuanced tale involving ruthless cat-lovers, unapologetic cat-drowners, slandered scientists, death threats, and deposed politicians. Watch and find out who is left standing when all the hissing and clawing subsides.

The DVD edition includes the original 63-minute documentary plus eight deleted scenes, including:

  • Anthropologist Jerry Merriman on hunters vs. urbanites
  • Cat activist Ted O'Donnell on growing up in rural Vermont
  • Ornithologist Stan Temple takes a walk on the prairie
  • Retired farmer and cat-trapper Gordon King talks about "the American Gestapo" and why he's so vehement
  • Gun aficionado Mark Hansen tells the "story of the spool" and discusses the history of the world through the study of ballistics.