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(2006, Brian Standing, 26 minutes) Free DVD

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In 2006, the Wisconsin Coordinating Council on Nicaragua (WCCN)commissioned Prolefeed Studios to create a promotional video about WCCN's innovative NICA fund.

Using a sustainable model, the NICA Fund helps alleviate poverty by channeling funds from socially responsible North American investors to Nicaraguan nongovernmental organizations (partner agencies) that specialize in lending to the poor. Through the NICA Fund model, small loans, typically 600 dollars or less, are issued to Nicaraguan entrepreneurs, farmers and households who are not served by commercial banks.

Better Futures shows how the NICA Fund works, through short interviews with Nicaraguan rural and urban business owners and producers, as well as NICA Fund investors. Borrowers tell how they use their loans, and investors relate why they invest in the NICA Fund. Most of the footage was filmed in Nicaragua in the cities of Managua, Juigalpa, and Nueva Guinea.